Optimizing Your Cell Phone For Business Use

Cell phones come and go over time… which gives us a fresh new look at some unique accessories to each brand.  From cords to cases, hot designs are released with every new phone model, reaching new heights of both style and functionality.  Want the most original accessories to hit the market in recent months?  Check it out.

iPhone 4 Leather Case with Black Kickstand – Available in black, blue and pink, this phone case makes learning to ride a bike an expendable skill.  Complete with a shiny chrome resting stick, this case allows you to enjoy any sort of streaming video media straight to your iPhone without having to hold it or prop it up, just like watching a portable mini-TV.

Angel/Devil Silicone Case – Let your phone speak wonders about your personality with this imaginative new case design, with blue, black, orange, pink and white options.  Whether horns rising up from your phone’s top corners or wings reaching out from its midsection better describe you, instantly let someone know whether you’re good or evil before even giving them your phone number.

Blackberry 9670 Screen Protector with Mirror Effect – Blemishes aren’t good, whether on your face or on your cell phone screen.  Now you can solve both problems at once.  With both your LCD screen looking clear and unscratched and your own face staring back at you, apply make-up worry free with precise detail.  Say goodbye to handheld mirrors and say hello to multitasking.

All zBoost Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster – This portable device with an antenna will help to amp up your cell phone coverage by increasing your amount of service bars.  Compatible with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Direct TV Packages, Verizon, Alltel and Cricket, the only notable exception is Nextel.  The zBoost will also help your cell phone batter last longer by using less power when the signal is stronger.  So for you basement dwellers and  bridge covered trolls out there, suddenly your reception can be loud and clear on both incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Using Cell Phones To Keep Track Of Your Kids

What did we do without cell phones? Cell phones can help parents to keep track of their kids. Have you considered these three ways they can help you with parenting?

How do you feel about your child walking to and from school alone? Having your child touch base with you by sending you a text message isn’t a bad idea if you’re afraid for his or her safety.

Curfew Enforcement
If your child breaks curfew, your thoughts Read the rest of this entry »

Cool New Cell Phone Models To Check Out

If you are in the market for a new cell phone and want to explore your options, you are in luck. There are always new devices hitting the market, and it is an exciting time to want a new phone as there are some that have either just been released or are on the verge of release. Here are examples of fine new devices you may want to explore.

The HTC One is the best new Android powered smartphone to hit the market. It is available through multiple wireless carriers and includes an HD 4.7 Read the rest of this entry »

Pros And Cons Of A Touch Screen Cell Phone

Cell phones have come a long way since their inception. New designs have fueled the public’s demand for more user-friendly phones. One of the options cell users now have is the touch screen. Everyone has their own preferences, but touch screens have both pros and cons.

Touch screens offer more versatility and interaction. Apps on touch screen phones can utilize situation-specific controls and improve the experience of the phone interaction. Touch screens also allow users to customize their phones. They do not require as much effort to operate. Touch screens can also be much thinner and Read the rest of this entry »

Cell Phone Cases, Covers and Everything In Between

Cell phones have become a common staple of life. Nearly everyone owns a cell phone, and most people openly admit they can no longer function without one. With this in mind, many people have found that they enjoy customizing their phones with different skins, cases, and gadgets.

You can find unique coverings for your phone that will customize its appearance to your tastes. This freedom of expression allows you to take these practical electronic devices and give them personality. While this is not necessary for function or purpose, it is fun Read the rest of this entry »

Five Reasons To Invest In A Cell Phone Case

A cell phone can be an expensive investment. With the average price of a cell phone being 400, there should always be a case to protect it in the event of accidental mishaps.

When a cell phone is dropped, the internal parts could be dislocated. The device may not be affected immediately, but in the long term this could mean having to replace it. This is one reason why a cell phone case would be a great investment.

Extreme temperatures can cause a cell phone to fail. A cell phone case would protect the Read the rest of this entry »

Email On Your Cell Phone: Easier Than You Think

Email is a wonderful communication tool to take advantage of that allows people all across the world the ability to stay quickly in touch with one another. With so many business professionals on the go these days, it only makes sense that they need access to their emails via their mobile cell phones. Business professionals can easily stay in touch with their clients, suppliers, coworkers and employers by accessing their email on their mobile devices, which significantly helps improve worker productivity and efficiency.

When a worker reads their emails on Read the rest of this entry »

Getting The Most Out Of Your Cell Phone

To really get the most out of your cell phone you need a variety of thing like accessories, certain data plans and numerous apps. Apps are a great way to get the most out of your cell phone because different apps are capable of different things. Some apps allow you to play certain games and others can do other neat things like access news from different companies and organizations. Most popular apps you can download for free but some cost. For the apps that cost if you look hard Read the rest of this entry »

Wireless Internet Keeps Families Together

For many people when they want to have family time it can be ruined because of the computers. That is when you should know that you can have wireless internet installed into your home. Then you will not have to worry about trying to stay in touch with your family because you could see that they will be coming into the main room when it is family night. The problem that you can encounter is that without having this installed into your home you will have the kids or spouse running out to check on the latest game or email alert that they have been given. That is when you should know that with this they could bring their computer with them and if the alert goes off rather than running out of the room they will be able to check it right there. Being able to know about the ways that a family can come together can be a challenge with the world being so full of modern technology. That is when you should know about the joys that having this can bring since you will not have to worry about your family members running out of the room quickly during family night to check on the alert they just got.

Jailbreaking FAQs

What is “jailbreaking?” A logical question to start with, jailbreaking is a process by which smart phone users can gain full access to their device beyond the control intended by the manufacturers.Why would someone want to jailbreak their phone?Take the iPhone for example. Apple sets up their devices so that in order to download apps and products one must go through the iTunes Store. Though the iTunes Store does have a wide selection, some users desire functionality or customization found elsewhere in the extensive mobile marketplace. Furthermore, usability limitations are in place as well. For example, on the standard iOS issued iPhone it is impossible to upload a customized message tone, or run two applications simultaneously, if you want to say, check your email while listening to music. A jailbroken phone can be altered to meet these wants.Is jailbreaking illegal?In regards to inmates, yes; cell phones, no. Though Apple once claimed it was a violation of copyright laws, the courts have since established jailbreaking is well within the rights of users as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. However, it should be noted that while jailbreaking a phone can result in no legal penalty, it may be consider grounds to void your manufacture warranty. Read the rest of this entry »